"KOTODAMA - faith in the power of words"

Eastern people reach the enlightened state more often and with great ease. From what then? They focus on spirituality, they are driven by faith, desire to know the truth. East - is the realization of the spiritual path in presence of God. East cannot be imposed by  Western "material" principles, so the winner of the Battle East vs West will always be East.


The Japanese believe that every word has its own soul and strength. They believe that the word can carry both fortune and the opposite effect. They monitor every word that is spoken in conversation. This is another reason why Western people have a difficult time understanding human actions of the Eastern man. They are not as talkative, as many think and analyze before they speak. A word is only pronounced after weighing the pros and cons.

Everything begins with a thought, and we would like to share with you how to Japanese people think. We took the 20 of the most positive words that bring good fortune. Every Japanese native keeps them in his house, praying to God and believing that these words will bring him and his family great prosperity. We would like to present this novelty tradition to world from the residents of the rising sun. 

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